The story of Refurbishments

The Omakau Commercial Hotel changed ownership in March 2007.  Over the winter months, the hotel’s refurbishment programme (detailed below) was started, which will continue over the next few years.  Our vision is to have the accommodation back to its former glory of when the hotel was a homestead in 1898.  Due to the age and the construction of the hotel, we are restricted with what refurbishments we can do, however we wish to keep this lovely old building as original as possible, whilst incorporating some mod cons.

Refurbishments to date are:

  • Rooms 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and Cabin
  • New Beds (22 in total)
  • New Bedding
  • New Drapes
  • New accessories
  • Full repaint of rooms and ensuites
  • Bunkroom repainted with new bed like bunks and linen
  • Carpet uplifted and original wooden floors polished in Rooms 3-10
  • Floor in Room 11 re-levelled and replaced
  • Wood Stripped back to natural state on skirting  boards and door jambs
  • Foyer repainted and Wallpapered
  • Exterior of hotel repainted
  • Men’s bathroom repainted and shower relined
  • Landscaping Programme started
  • New TV & Freeview in Guest TV Lounge & Library
  • Wallpapering upstairs in Guest Accommodation Hallway
  • Beautiful Chandelier & Paintings hung in Stairway
  • Expresso/Cappucinno Machine in Bar
  • Large Decking and Outside Dining out the front of the Bar
  • Garden Bar landscaping
  • Dining, Pomona Room and Guest Lounge wall papered
  • Bar has been refitted with new furniture, carpet and repainted
  • Lots of behind the scenes, exciting things, like plumbing etc!


  • New Carpet and vinyl for Cabin and Bunkroom
  • New Kitchen unit for Cabin
  • New carpet for stairs and hallway
  • TV room to be recarpeted
  • Strip back remaining doors and some skirting boards in rooms
  • Replace doors as required
  • Complete Ladies Bathroom & Toilet refurbishment
  • Men’s Bathroom to have new vinyl and finishing touches
  • Pomona Room to be  recarpeted
  • Landscaping Programme to be continued to completion
  • McKinnon’s (the old stables out the back) to eventually be refitted with new furniture, however, still lovely as it is for functions
  • Laundry Facility


Please note, that at no time will any refurbishments interfere with your stay

Accommodation Meals and Bar