Dark Horse Brew Werkz

Local Brewery and Tap Room

Dark Horse Brew Werkz is the result of hard work and a passion for brewing great beers.  Equipped with a Nano Brewhouse imported from the USA, Dark Horse Brew Werkz  will produce and create a wide variety of different beer styles and cider.  Cleverly located in the lovely schist stone building within the grounds of the Omakau Commercial Hotel, the Tap Room is the center piece of this historic property.  Believed to have been built in the late 1880’s by Mr William Leask (who built the hotel as his homestead in 1898), this was originally built to house his work horses, and the other half of the building was his shearing shed.  river flooded – hence, to our good fortune, the construction of the stables.

Steeped in history, the Tap Room was carefully developed to retain its historic charm while providing the ideal location to enjoy some craft beer and a meal.

Accommodation Meals and Bar