The hotel has a variety of room types

Ranging from ensuite rooms, shared facility rooms through to a bunk room.  Something for all budgets.  Our rooms are listed below for your choice.  All rooms have been fully refurbished with new beds, linen & historic decor.

Pricing varies on room type and the number of people in a room for those that sleep 3 or more people.

Please note pricing includes a continental breakfast.

There is a Men’s bathroom and a Ladies bathroom for those rooms without ensuites located nearby to all rooms.  Bathrobes are provided in all Hotel rooms for your convenience.

Room 9 – $160 per night 1 – 2 people, additional person $20 (includes continental breakfast)
Room-9.jpg Room-9-Photo-2.jpg Room-9-Ensuite.jpg
A Queen & single bedded room with ensuite

Rooms 3 & 4 – $145 for 1 or 2 people (includes continental breakfast)
Room-3.jpg Room-4.jpg Room-3-Shot-2.jpg
Two twin rooms (two single beds with their own ensuite) These two rooms do not have windows due to the historic construction of the hotel, but are bright with skylights and have oscillating fans for air circulation.

Room 6 – $145 for 1 or 2 people (includes continental breakfast)
Room-6,-Twin-with-Ensuite.jpg Room-6-Ensuite.jpg
Another twin room (which has windows) with a larger ensuite

Room 8 – From $135 for 1 or 2 people (includes continental breakfast)
Room-8-Photo.jpg Comfortable_Bedding_1.jpg
A Queen Room with Queen Bed only, shared facilities

Room 7 – From $135 for 1 or 2 people (includes continental breakfast)
Room-7,-Twin,-Shared-Facilities.jpg Room-7.jpg
A twin room (2 single beds), shared facilities

Room 5 – $90
Room-5-Photo.jpg Room-5.jpg
A single room with Single bed only , shared facilities

Room 2 – $135 for 1 or 2 people (includes a continental breakfast)
Room-10,-Single,-Shared-Faciities.jpg Room-10,-Single,-Shared-Faciities.jpg
A Queen room with Queen Bed only – Shared facilities.

Room 11 – $140 for 1 or 2 people + $25 for additional people
A hotel room with four single beds, all made up with linen, shared facilities

Two Bedroom Cabin – $190 for 1 or 2 people + $30 for additional people
Cabin---Queen-Bedroom.jpg Cabin---Twin-Bedded-Room.jpg Cabin---Twin-Bedded-Room.jpg
Also available is our two bedroom cabin with a Queen bed in one room and two single beds in the second room. The couch in the lounge also folds out to a single/small double bed if required.

Bunkroom – From $60 for 1 person or $100 for 2 people 
Bunk-Room-Outside.jpg Bunkroom-2.jpg
A “Cute & Cosy” bunkroom with 2 single beds and an adjacent ensuite (outside of the bunkroom) with linen and towels supplied.  This is located beside the Cabin and is for people travelling together (i.e. you will not have strangers in the same room with you).   Great for bigger families in conjunction with the adjoining Cabin.

Accommodation Meals and Bar